Passing The Pre-Employment Test

How can you get help with your job search yet steer clear of services that over-promise, overcharge and under deliver?  

The New York Times and other major publications have reported on "recruiting" services that advertise nonexistent six-figure jobs in order to lure in unsuspecting job seekers. Then they pitch resume rewrites and promise "unpublished jobs" or propose blind mailing programs. Other scams are resume writing services, sometimes using offshore non-English speaking writers who do not have the background to write about you or use the subtle language cues necessary at all level and all occupations.  

Each of these might take your money and leave you worse off than when you started.   Here's an overview to help you understand today's job search reality and the challenges:  

·        You must use several methods not just contacts, career sites or blind mailings to companies. The effort must be guided by a plan and that means carefully structured from an understanding of you. ·  Avoid getting "Ripped Off," find and use a specialized job coach to get your next job. Out of 500 plus career or job board sites there are probably only 1 to 2 that you should use.

·        Many private companies often owned by private equity firms are not on many lists of companies and often are the best sources for jobs.  

·        Every resume and cover letter must be highly targeted. It takes time to do them the right way, and they must be used to build your online presence  

·        The harsh truth is in today's stressful job market you need to be ready to adjust your strategy and approach to changing opportunities.  

To avoid these "rip-off" services you need to understand and do three things:  




This is the best way to avoid services that often promise to market you to lists of companies and do such things as helping to instantly rewrite your resume. They prey on anxious job seekers by offering fake or not available jobs on Internet sites, and then contacting people offering a complete service for thousands of dollars. There is no question that some of these services do add value. However, many do not care to gain enough insight into your own situation, or have only one limited course of action for a short duration.    

Once you understand today's job search world you will see what you do must be very carefully tailored. You must use a number of sources to find, isolate and close a possible job. You must also use various methods depending on your exact requirements.   You will also need to work extra hard to be successful.  


Job search coaching from professionals with integrity is the best form of help. Look for coaches highly specialized in job searches, willing to work with you weekly, completely aware of the current job environment and resources, and confident enough to have you pay as you make progress.  The right job search coach can make your effort more productive and help you avoid getting Ripped Off.

Pre-employment testing is done based on an assessment that provides measurable evidence of job candidates’ capabilities. Testing a candidate prior to their recruitment has become increasingly common among employers today, in a real effort to prevent costly hiring mistakes. Earlier they used to depend on interviews – but nowadays in addition to interviewing candidates, employers conduct tests that justify the candidate’s skills.
Pre-employments skill tests are based on criteria such as skill aptitude, mathematics, visualization and grammar. Each test is designed to analyze candidates’ capabilities for a certain position.
If you are facing a pre-employment test, don’t panic – you can by following some simple tips:
Candidates nowadays are smart and highly skilled. In actuality, there is little that you as a candidate can do to improve your score. Obviously, you can’t prepare for the same test that some other company gave you, as each company has its own pre-screening process, especially the logic and the skills test.
Skill tests are usually given to those candidates who need to have specific skills to perform their jobs. For example, these tests are commonly conducted for those candidates who apply for jobs such as typist or editor. To do well on tests like these, you would need to practice typing and editing, as the tests will be based on these skills.
Logic tests are usually given to test a candidate’s thinking and analyzing capacity. Larger companies judge a person’s team spirit and problem-solving skills through these tests. Logic tests are also given by some companies in an effort to judge a candidate’s character and knowledge. The best way to prepare for these tests is by practicing sample tests given on career-related websites.
Be Realistic
The best weapon to pass the pre-employment test is honesty. You might be tempted to make up false answers or give scenarios that you have never been in. Don’t do this. Pre-employment tests are designed to analyze a person’s caliber. Lying is easy but pointless, and it certainly won’t get you the job.
When you are taking the test, unless you have been given a specified time to finish, you can take your own time to solve the questions. Don’t rush; instead, do the questions that you know the answers to first. Rushing will only increase your stress and make you prone to make errors. If the test is conducted by a person, then do not hesitate to ask them for clarification if you face some difficulty in understanding the questions.
Finally, always double-check your answers.
Be Optimistic
Always think positively and try not to be anxious. On the day of the test, get there early and relax. Before you attempt the test, remember that having a positive attitude is half the battle.
Pre-employment testing is now routine for many companies in all fields of work. By following the tips above, you can ensure that you will pass with flying colors!