Too Busy to Hear Your Inner Calling?

There are many jobs for 14-year-olds on the internet, they just have to make sure that they are focused and ready to do the job. I currently know a 12 year old who is getting the job done and making a pretty good amount of cash. Not as much as his parents, but he can afford things such as new clothing and video games to enjoy.

This 14-year-old person I also know has actually created an ingenious way of taking surveys. He realized that all his friends like to send him messages through his new "MySpace e-mail", so he created a Gmail account dedicated to survey opportunities.

Now companies will send this 14-year-old feedback for every single survey that he takes, feedback in the form of cash.

He checks his survey e-mail every single day and sees what's there. Just as he thought, it is full of paid survey opportunity, and it is an incredible feeling when he leaves every day knowing that he makes as much as "grown-ups" and their part time jobs.

His name is Benjamin, he's a normal kid, average GPA 2.8, there's nothing special, in fact I get on him constantly because he needs to get his GPA higher in order to graduate to a great school, but he'll get into one in no time.

But let's not get sidetracked, we are still talking about paid surveys, and it's an incredible opportunity, I once explained to him why he is getting paid so much with paid surveys.

I told Ben that the surveys are paying you to hear your opinion and make the company better. Is this true? Definitely! Big companies are paying people of all ages to do surveys simply because they want to quickly figure out how to better their company, product, or services immediately!

I believe an inner calling comes to each of us in subtle ways and the subtlety of that calling becomes the song of our heart. Our job, should we desire to find our greatest potential, is to learn how to listen.
When our lives are filled with the busyness of things we have to do, and when it goes on for days on end, we may forget that we have created it all by the choices we’ve made.
Abraham-Hicks shared at a recent conference that as human beings, we always have choice, our lives are based in freedom – even the freedom to choose bondage.
Why would anyone choose bondage?
Then I remembered when my life felt as if it were running on autopilot and I was living in reaction to life just trying to keep up. Somehow my life became living in response to all the things that I had created including my long list of to-dos, my family, the bills, our home, my work, and all of the other choices in my life… at some point I had begun to believe that I was stuck and the momentum of “stuck-ness” had been building for some time.
In my experience the still small voice began to get louder and louder. Some can hear it in the beginning and respond by changing and realigning their lives, while others try to ignore the symptoms and push on thinking that things will change for the better someday in the future. Many, those who choose to ignore their own well being, experience less than subtle manifestations of that inner voice and guidance so that it has no choice but to escalate to a louder aware-ness. This can result in physical messages like a lack of enthusiasm either at work or at home, low energy or physical pain and/or sickness.
In retrospect I had known deep down for some time that I couldn’t go on living in this way but the outward manifestation seemed to be working and my drive towards what I thought was success overrode my attention to the intuitive voice that was trying to guide me in another direction.
What I have learned from the many people I’ve worked with over the years is that the sense of off-ness is a message from your soul through an inner calling for you to shift something in order to move forward with greater ease.
Your ability to tune in and listen to your inner calling is known as intuitive intelligence and it offers the keys to awaken to the wholeness that is potentially you. There is an ever-expanding intelligence of “mind” when you allow yourself to choose the life path that is infinitely more fulfilling.
Words like mind-body connection have implied that thought is directly connected to your physical well-being. In other words, your thoughts impact the health and well-being of your body. It has been a subject of scientific study for years and we have found that thoughts directly and cumulatively impact the body’s health, ability to heal and physical potential. But there is even more.
Scientific studies at Heartmath Institute about the heart’s coherence with electromagnetometers (EMA) leads to the factual proof of non-verbal energy that communicates out from our bodies all the time.
In experiential work with horses, we find clear response to dissonance within a human. I these sessions the horses respond by turning away from the energy of dissonance where previously they would choose to stay close. This not only verified the natural response of discomfort, but possibly even more importantly, it pointed out the natural instinct and desire for cohesion and alignment within a coherent group.
If we choose to live with incoherence between our own mind and heart we are in essence choosing to live with vibrational dissonance within our bodies. In effect we are stepping away from our own alignment and in so doing we will eventually deplete our resources and fail. The simplicity of our system is astounding and the potential for human expansion is infinite.
What if this is just another tip of the iceberg?
What if our bodies, through an inner calling, could actually help us to tap into infinite intelligence through our own intuitive intelligence?
Is it possible that our bodies are trying to provide us with necessary information? What if that information offers us the keys to life expansion and ultimate joy?
What if we find a connection to greater wisdom through learning how to listen and align with our intuitive intelligence as leaders of others and in our own lives? It would mean that we could open to our dreams once again and with that, anything is possible!